YOUR Copyright Management & Royalty Administration Solution
For Publishers, Self-Published Songwriters, and Educators

CODA Cloud is a secure web based intellectual property
management application for music copyrights. This web app
is designed for use by Self Published Songwriters who
manage their own original music catalog, Publishers or
Administrators who manage the copyrights of others, and
Educators tasked with giving students real world,
hands-on training in copyright management.

Academic Pricing Available for Colleges/Universities!

Licensing/Pricing & General Inquiries:
CODA Cloud Support Team

CODA Cloud will streamline your workflow with an intuitive and easy to understand interface that will allow your team to organize, document, and administer:

  • pertinent information for all copyright owners (songwriters, publishers, sound recording owners, income participants)

  • contract information, copyright owner splits, performing rights information, sound recording information, industry specific codes, song classification data, and music library inclusion information for your musical works catalog

  • reversion or extension of contracts

  • performing rights organization clearance issues

  • pitching activity & resources

  • licenses & associated royalties

  • digital mechanical royalties received by the Mechanical Licensing Collective

  • royalty payments and unpaid escrowed royalties

CODA Cloud was developed by a Publisher/former Systems Engineer who recognized the need for an environmentally friendly, “green” solution that would help her to eliminate waste, effectively manage her publishing catalog, and streamline her workflow in a way that would allow her to work smarter...not harder.

So clean out that filing cabinet, shut down that old printer, recycle those old paper reports, retire those complex spreadsheets, and maximize your time by working in a secure cloud based work space that can be accessed by team members 24/7 via computer, tablet, or even your mobile phone.

What is CODA Cloud?

Song Catalog

The Song Catalog allows you to store detailed information for all of your musical works, including contract information, copyright owner/royalty splits, performing rights information, sound recording information, industry specific codes, song classification data, and music library inclusion information. This data supports copyright management, pitching, licensing, and royalty administration activities across the system.

Copyright Owners

Document vital information for Songwriters, Sound Recording Owners, Publishers, and Income Participants.

Catalog Management

Manage your catalog with reports and updateable smart-lists.


Document pitching activity & status, and evaluate the effectivenesss of your pitching campaigns.


Keep track of catalog "opt-in" licenses and individual song licenses, and associated royalty disbursements. Initializes suggested royalty recipient amounts to assist with your royalty processing.


Keep track of copyright owner escrow amounts and royalty payments. Ingest, evaluate, and manage micro-royalties royalties received from the Mechanical Licensing Collective.

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